NOV 28, 2021


Ken Soh


Product Engineer, AI Singapore
RPA using open-source TagUI

RPA has become popular in helping people automate repetitive tasks they do on a regular basis. While the benefits are clear, the entry level is high - either you get expensive options, tools with a steep learning curve, or lack of support for non-paying users. Ken will introduce TagUI, a fully free and open-source RPA tool. TagUI is created and backed by AI Singapore, a government-funded programme to accelerate AI. Unlike other RPA tools, TagUI uses 20 over human languages to represent workflows. It takes just 1 day to start creating and using RPA. There is a Microsoft Word Add-in that lets users create, edit, run, deploy RPA. There is a cloud version running on the free Google Colab. There is a Python version of TagUI that Ken created as a personal side project. There are also community created versions for VS Code, Node-RED and C#. Whatever your background and the stage you are in your life, there is a flavour of TagUI that is designed for you. If there isn't, just tell Ken at the webinar and he'll make sure to work something out that meets your needs.


Speaker Name TBA


Speaker Title TBA
Shwocase Title TBA

We will unveal some breakthrough projects from the community. You will get to learn how they overcame the engineering challenges in their projects. This is a super secret section of the event, you'll have to be there to know about these breakthrough projects.


Rangoli Agrawal


Data Journalist
Scope of data journalism for developers

I will be talking about why data is becoming a necessity in journalism. Those with data skills/coding skills can have a great career as a journalist. I will also be talking about the coding languages and the skills required to be a data journalist and ways through which data can be used for writing stories that attract eyeballs.


Hemant Rangan


Author & Director, Inderact Limited
Successful self-publishing and the challenges of publishing a book

Hemant Rangan is an IT professional with 21 years of managerial experience, turned interculturalist. Having led multi-national teams over two decades delivering large & complex IT programmes and projects for Fortune 500 companies globally, he studied and gained deep insights into the intercultural psychology behind the work dynamics and decided to share these real life experiences in a book called ‘The Indian Mind At Work’.


Kamal Shree S


Developer Expert, Google Developer Group
Future is opensource

In this lightning talk, I'll walk through my journey from a developer to an Open-source contributor, what makes an open-source project successful, and the evolution of our contribution and community processes. Also, emphasize the importance of adopting open source to build communities, ways to contribute to open-source communities. I'll close with some ideas and suggestions, both to help maintainers improve the quality and quantity of their contributions and to help both new and seasoned contributors have a great experience working on open-source projects like Flutter and HarmonyOS.


Dr. Varalatchoumy M


Associate Prof. at Cambridge Institute of Technology
Research paper publication guide

Learning is a joy when experienced practically. Students always love to explore new things. Projects are one way of exploring various ideas. Many students aren’t aware of the fact that, it is equally important to publish the project findings as research articles. This session aims at briefing the need for research publications and how it adds value to your CV.


Pradeep Sharma


Author of 21 Career Hacks For Developers
Career hacks for developers

"What you can be, you must be" - Abraham Maslow. This talk is centered around this quote. This talk aims to inspire developers to not limit themselves to just the traditional "Software Engineer" tag. We will categorise different actions that you can take based on their expected impact and efforts required so you can choose the one that makes the best case for your situation. We will cover a diverse type of opportunities such as Ph.D., Remote Job, Independent Research, Startups, Writing Tutorial, and more. This is targeted at experienced developers but many of the hacks are suitable for beginners as well.

NOV 27, 2021


Pachi Parra


Developer Relations Engineer, New Relic
Leveling up as a dev with content creation

When we choose to purse a career in tech, especially as a developer, we have to accept that we will be learners forever. New languages, frameworks, APIs... New jobs and challenges... There is always something we want or need to learn. We developers are always read to level up. In this talk, I will tell you how you can use our ""forever learning nature"" to teach others, give back to our communities and be better professionals, all at the same time. How, you ask? Creating great content. After this talk you will know Why create content, what to teach about and how to get started with practical steps.


Rob Richardson


Book Author of SQL Server Source Control Basics
The definitive deep dive into the .git folder

What's in the .git folder? How are commits stored? How do branches work? We'll dive deep into the objects folder, unpack commits, look at the types of DAG nodes, examine object content, and build a complete visualization of the stored content. We'll also quickly look through Git hooks, Git config, and ref logs. Come experience the zen of git.


Hidde de Vries


Frontend Dev & Accessibility Consultant
Accelerating accessibility in a component-based world

Components have revolutionised the way we work, as they allow us to invent wheels only once. Executed well, they can save all of the team time. This provides an opportunity for broadening the impact of accessibility, too. This practical talk will go into some strategies for baking accessibility into components, so that more people can use them.


Maanav Seth


Executive Member of Quantum Computing Group, IIT Roorkee
Quantum Technology: A dark horse in the race of future tech

We all have heard of Quantum Tech in sci-fi movies, but how far is it from our current developments in Quantum Technology? How does it fit into the advancements of the future? Let's take a brief tour of the current quantum research landscape and talk about technologies like Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum RNGs, and Quantum Money. How does software development work for Quantum Based Programming? The commercialization of the technology is increasing at a fast pace and it is essential to know the basics of this new technology. So, let's join in and talk about this technology of the future.


Karan Singh


Sr. Principal Architect & Dev Evangelist, Red Hat
Github Actions + Kubernetes : The recipe to level up your software development skills

Every software developer wanders for developer productivity. What if i say as a developer, the only commands you would ever need to deploy your code in production are git commit ; git push. You heard it right, only 2 commands, let GitOps handle the rest. Kubernetes is the industry standard container orchestration tool. Github Actions is the best thing that has happened to GitHub since Git. What do we see in common here ? All of these tools are #1 in their category. What if we can use all of them to achieve 100% automated code shipping, giving developers some free time ? In this talk I will walk you through a live demonstration of how you can ship your lovely application code from your local machine to the kubernetes cluster running anywhere in this universe, fully automated through GitHub Actions. All of this is as easy as writing 1 2 3, trust me. By the end of this presentation, you would have a sound understanding of building a GitOps life cycle of your codebase on Kubernetes. All of these at no cost to you, we will leverage all free options available to us ;)


Praveen Kumar


Full Stack Javascript Developer
Using reactjs to solve our daily problems

Talk is about achieving the goal of speed with quality. Though test automation is an answer however the way it is done doesn't lead to success. The talk will include:
Current challenges teams face - management, technical, strategy/planning, and cultural.
Some antipatterns.
Some suggestions (based on his experience) - mindset, planning, prioritisation, technical, and management. The aim is to help give guidance to teams so that they can adopt a culture of speed with quality.


Kilian Valkhof


Founder, Polypane
Beyond responsive design: new and future media queries

Responsive design turned 10 years old last year. Since then browser capabilities have changed a lot, and they're set to change even more. We'll explore new and upcoming media queries that will let website authors make websites that respond not just to screen sizes, but to many different user preferences and situations. Learn how to implement these in forward compatible ways with practical tips and examples.