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Jun 28, 2020


Prof. Roger Dannenberg


How I Built a Collaborative Computer Music Creation System

This is browser based computer music system that was created for children but is pretty useful for professionals too. Some pre-recorded demos of the non-browser system --- and then talk about their progress and development using Web Audio to make an interactive browser-based system.


Sumner Alperin-Lea


How I Made Quantum Computer Faster With Fine Spirits


Maya Farber Brodsky


How I Made An App That Alerts When You Touch Your Face

16 yr old student from Tel Aviv University




How I built an SDK to recognize faces using computer vision

Sandeep loves to code, tweak, hack, doodle, create, teach, walk and sometimes learn music with my 6-year-old.
Seasoned, hands-on machine learning scientist with 16+ years of strong experience in building world-class software products, Machine Learning and churning humongous data.
Founder of AI startup and a leading teacher of machine learning and data science.




Dependency Management Using Git

It is difficult to manage multiple git projects in an open-source organization. Mostly the projects end up being fragmented and redundant at times, which makes it difficult to maintain. This talk will focus on achieving dependency management for your project using git subtrees and/or git submodules. This talk will be accompanied by a demo of POC achieving the aforementioned for Kogito and how this can aid in multiple applications such as single-sourcing.
Major highlights include:
1. Need for dependency management
2. Leveraging git subtrees and submodules to minimize fragmentation and redundancy
3. Subtrees vs submodules(accompanied by demo of POC)
4. Applications and caveats




Get Started with ActivityPub, Decentralized Social Networking Protocol

Mastodon recently became popular in India due to censorship concerns with Twitter. Mastodon uses a W3C standard protocol called ActivityPub under the hood. In this talk, I will talk about how powerful ActivityPub is and how it can be used as a distributed pub/sub system for the entire Web (what Twitter was supposed to become). I recently made one of my webapps to act like both a source and sink for ActivityPub events. I will walk you through this process so that you can do the same.




Get Started with DeepLearning Using TensorFlow 2.0

India's first women Kaggle Grandmaster

Jun 27, 2020




Building your brand online as a developer

Scott is a programmer, teacher, and speaker. He is a blogger and writes about technology, culture, gadgets, diversity, code, the web, where we're going and where he's been. He is excited about community, social equity, media, entrepreneurship and above all, the open web.

He has three podcasts and a YouTube channel. One podcast is a weekly talk show on tech, one an occasional one hour essay on developer's lives, and one a social media and tech culture show.




Enabling speed and confidence with “testing”

Talk is about achieving the goal of speed with quality. Though test automation is an answer however the way it is done doesn't lead to success. The talk will include:
Current challenges teams face - management, technical, strategy/planning, and cultural.
Some antipatterns.
Some suggestions (based on his experience) - mindset, planning, prioritisation, technical, and management. The aim is to help give guidance to teams so that they can adopt a culture of speed with quality.




Can data science lead us to the grand unified theory of brain function?

Long before the growth of neuroscience as a prominent field of science, human curiosity has been excited by the operational principles of the brain. In the first half of this talk, Arpan will discuss some aspects of the evolution of such theories.
In the second half, Arpan will discuss how the modern techniques have allowed to us to peek into the dynamics of brain computation and the exciting new developments which thrown at us a deluge of empirical data that can potentially resolve several unanswered debates in human cognition with specific exemplars from our work in multisensory perception.


Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz


Mastering web performance audits with Github Actions & LightHouse

Muhammad is Google Developers Expert (GDE) in Angular & Web Technologies. He has experience in JS based frameworks and libraries such as JQuery, BackboneJS, AngularJS, Angular2+ , MEAN STACK, Loopback3 while hands-on, in-depth experience with task managers like Gulp,Grunt, Webpack and preprocessors like SASS/LESS/SCSS for styling.




Design-first approach to write APIs

Phil builds API Design tools for He has written articles and books about pragmatic API design and systems architecture. He is crazy about bike trips.
For the last decade, he has contributed to countless open-source projects. He has been responsible in part or entirely for projects like the JSON Schema, OpenAPI, The League of Extraordinary Packages, PHP The Right Way, PHP-FIG, CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, PyroCMS, and a bunch of other stuff.




A Theory of Functional Programming

What is functional programming? Sure, there are academic answers, but is there a good definition that encompasses all that we do in day-to-day software engineering? In Eric Normand's book, Grokking Simplicity, he gathers functional programming practices from the industry, distills them down, and teaches them to beginners. In this talk, he presents functional programming as a set of skills, not a dogma about programming style. The FP skills are applicable to your software, regardless of the language or paradigm you use.


Hampton Lintorn Catlin


Learning To Lead for Developers

Over 15+ years in leadership, Hampton has helped at least 20 engineers transition into leadership – and at least 5 transition back out of it.
Hampton is VP of Engineering at Rent the Runway where he oversees internal engineering teams. Hampton has run and built teams in the past from 1-130. Being one of the few LGBT senior engineering leaders in the industry, he learned how to address identity head-on and give people safe places to be themselves.


Gaurav Nemade


Becoming Product Manager for Developers

Product Manager at Google


Saurabh Gupta


Becoming Developer Advocate for Developers

What is DevRel?
Typical roles and responsibilities of a DevRel engineer.
How a regular software professional transition into a DevRel role.